Friday, October 16, 2009

The Happy Prayer

Dear God,

First of all, thank You very much for teaching me how to pray. I know for a fact that praying has not been a talent of mine until you build it up in me at the perfect time.
Thank You for the gift of wisdom that just now I realized I possessed. I have been wondering about it until now that I was able to share your words of truth to touch everyone's life.
Thank You for the talents I was born with. I know in some way I can make You proud for using my talent to express Your glory.
Lord God, thank you for shining the dark path I was walking on. I may have walked astray but still You tapped me and said "Son, look at the signs, don't go that way." And so I followed your footprints and I felt safer now.
Thank You because You brought friends to my empty island. Little by little, I have figured to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood amongst us.
Thank You Lord God for finally I have sought my profound faith in You. No longer, I am ashamed to mention Your Glorified Name and no longer will I deny that You are my God, my Father, my Parent and my Bread of Life.
Thank You because You love me unconditionally. Thank You because You don't make me feel jealous, insecure and lost, but You make me feel satisfied and blessed.
Thank You Lord God for I can't thank You enough, but in my own little prayer, I know I made You happy. Amen.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When she does not look at you, she speaks to you...

One year ago, I was just a timid CLP participant, struggling to keep up with my life and faith, and then i was awed to this lovely lady who exudes colorful aura more than anyone else. Cheesy as it seems, but I know she's the one with the "it" factor. And when I say that, I always look up to people with great personality and impeccable character. I know Ate Maru is the definition of the "it"; a lady with a heart so pure and radiant soul.

Whenever she speaks, she catches anyone's attention, and so does mine. But one thing so conspicuous when a conversation holds between you and Maru : it's like she was talking to somebody in the room aside from you, with her head angled away from your direction. And sometimes, she would just walk past you like she hardly saw or recognize it was you. Well, if you are grabbing a copy of the August edition of Kerygma, it will explain why she acts such a way.
Despite of the condition, I somehow find it easier to communicate with her. She may not speak, staring at me, though I can hear her heart speaking to me. So I always listen to her and at the same time admire her. She's one of the persons who keeps my faith refueled for she had taught me the virtue of a child-like faith, which made a wake-up call to me. I adored this so much, because it's true, yes, that the purity of loving our God comes from the sincerity of our hearts. The faith of a child doesn't lie, it's truthful, innocent and pure. Thanks to Ate Maru for touching my life with a wonderful teaching. And so now I praise and thank God for sending an angel in the image of her for she continuously inspires us. Her footprints will be followed because of her wonderful journey on the sands. And now I came to realize that faith does not only choose someone who is able to see, walk or talk or hear, but it chooses someone who is able to let other see, walk or talk or hear how amazing life is. Ate Maru, God bless you.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Post#6 Dubai Aquarium vs. Atlantis

The newest, highly awaited shopping mall in the U.A.E was at last relinquished open for the public. Dubai Mall is one of the largest and spectacular malls in the world that offers outstanding dining, leisure, shopping experience and superb entertainment. I was quite alarmed by the note that in such less period of time, another pride of this Arab country stood nearby the perimeter of Burj Dubai (which is acknowledged as the tallest skyscraper of the world). It was amazing how people from different races packed the place because of its world-class attractions particularly the Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Center. Well, having been in Dubai Atlantis last month, I thought the aquatic experience remained right there, but here was equally fun. A vast fibered-glass replica of the ocean world displayed impeccably over 33.000 marine creatures including sharks, stingrays and schools of fish. And judging by close encounters, there were many kind of things I never thought they as-a-matter-of-fact existed. Below are some pictures we have captured with a professional camera. All salutations for Sir Julius by nailing such a hell of a job! A sea of people helplessly enjoyed the view in the 10 million liter tank before them while a couple of scuba divers swam around entertainingly.An incredibly large fish that looked like hamur fish made my eyes grew wide as it swam up front. It's 5-feet size bigger than a kitchen frying pan. Although there was quite a long queue, we waited patiently to walk through the 48-meter underwater tunnel. And that oh-my-God, gray-skinned shark flashed its sharp jaw against the glass wall that made my hair stood on its end.Our farther exploration would have never been complete without visiting the Discovery Center that holds a showroom of several species from water-resident mammals to schools of oversized scaly fish. Below are some more images which is a lot entertaining to look at. Long-stringed(tentacles),transparent jellyfishes danced around in a bluish-lit aquarium like umbrellas and some angel fish waved its voluminous fins as it hovered around the reefs.In each glass cage, penguins, water-rats (which Im not really sure its name) and seals looked more prettier than on Discovery Channel. And that great capture of a seal swam right in front was the best shot ever.

The humongous sight of a massive crustaceans freaked the heck out of me. I have never seen like it before having six long legs the size of 12-inch ruler. A zoomed capture of its exotic face expressed threat and stillness. Right at the top that looked like kite fishes to me rushed around the aquarium in a close group. It's amusing to see how fast they were, creating a kaleidoscope impression.
Last but not the least, this some kind of shellfish tightly stuffed back in its patterned shell with its eyes a bit popped out, reminded me of one of the alien ships in the Independence Day movie. This kind of underwater entity normally stays in one place in a period of time. (And i am glad i was never born to be like it...boredom is never my thing)
Anyway, as much as I want to go on and tell some more, I guess, I gotta cut this down and just drop down to the bottom of my blog. Dubai Aquarium, I gotta say, is an equally amazing haven as the Dubai Atlantis that either of them offers a world-class extraordinary experience. And I felt lucky enough to have been in places where best things are roomed for everyone. So, see ya at the next...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Post#5 Atlantean Escapade

It was a bright sunny Friday morning as I and my friends set our spirits for a great day ahead (In the mid of October, warm breeze of the nearing winter hummed to our way and remarked a notice that humidity had vanished totally). A creamy hot coffee late,a tasty potato hush brown and a pair of large hotdogs filled our mouths and hearts. When it comes to some economical yet contenting breakfast accompanied by fancy rubbish chitchat about the never-ending office stories of the past weekdays, Dubai Ikea Mall had always been a good choice. Take it from me, it's definitely a sure thing!
If there's anything that UAE is well-renowned about, it's better not the massive inflation of the visit-visa population in pursuit of employment windows for a promise of a heavenly life. And if UAE is known as one of the world's melting pot of cultures and races, it isn't somehow I wanted to say...but, of course, truly, UAE had earned it's reputation as a top tourist destination of the world because of its fast-paced progress(and still on-going). No wonder why high-raised skyscrapers, countless malls and theme parks popped like forest mushrooms everywhere in the country. For me, it seems i have been here and there to see things for myself until I went to the place which is another worth seeing for. It's the newly built Dubai Atlantis seated at the edge of Palm Jumeirah. It was indeed my first time to have been in such amazing grandeur and luckily we have dragged along a professional camera for every chance of taking good pictures. If you could see the picture above, the enormous frame of the hotel grew a lot larger as we have gone near to it. The facade was wordlessly breath-taking because of its elaborately detailed structure and neatly mowed green surroundings. We didn't hesitate to pull over and rush to the great entrance. The main lobby was packed of by-standers and and sight-seekers, equipped with cameras of their own, wearing the happy faces like us. And in the center of the lobby stood a fountain with an incredibly tall display made of colored glasses and ceramics twisted, curled and interlocked together to the top(It gave me an impression of a different version of Christmas tree). We dragged our feet to where the people were headed to one of the hallways and we ended up to the most thrilling part.
There, down the staircase awaited a great wall of thick fiber glass that windowed a thousand of various marine species including sharks and sting rays. These things swam around as the multitude busied themselves capturing photos and moments of experiences and jaw-dropping fun. We would have gotten farther around the hotel for more things to look at, but I daresay, some places were not for free, instead we excited ourselves to what was apparently available like souvenir shops, fancy boutiques and jewelry houses. The time stretched long enough while we strolled around, and then would stop in a moment for such a picture-perfect pose. I have seen lots of people with the look on their faces have enjoyed everything the Atlantis had offered. White people (Europeans, British), Asians etc. were present to witness it all. We were all like the fishes in the blue glass tank frolicking around the artificial ocean world, I thought. Then, by the end of the still sunny afternoon, I announced to myself it had been a great day. I even thought of planning about coming back there well-prepared enough to catch up to what we have just missed like the Lost Chambers that exhibits a closer look to the marine life and the Aquaventure for some water-fun experience under the sun. Anyways, I would never leave you here with just a period. I've got selected images for your eyes to savor of my great Atlantean Escapade.
Here's a better look in the hotel's interior particularly the main lobby, having what I so-called glass-ceramic tree. It's actually a fountain surrounded by massive columns. The ceilings glimmered with pieces of which I thought precious stones.It's me sitting at a red velvet cushion enjoying the classy mood. I hope my presence doesn't ruin the view:).
Relaxing and entertaining to watch the scene of aquatic animals swimming behind the blue-tint see-through wall.It's one of my fave shots, showing the real proof that we were actually there .This view itself is inviting to just go undress and put on some swimsuits and run under the heat of the sun. Unfortunately you have to pay for it...This is our version of going under the sun...looking at the nearby sea and again taking pictures of ourselves...And, of course it's me, my perfect remembrance from Dubai Atlantis...I really had fun...I would be glad if you could see things like i did in your way...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Post#4 It Won't Be Soon Before Long

On one fine afternoon trying to stir up the day, I walked into Virgin Records and browsed for some CD's.
I found this impeccable album which i easily have enthralled with. Gosh, throughout the week this had been the playlist I kept playing in my ipod. Honestly I was never a frantic listener nor a huge fan of Maroon 5 until I got a copy of my own. The songs are really something that I could not get enough of it.

It Won't Be Soon Before Long is the follow-up album to the smash hit Songs About Jane of Maroon 5, a Grammy Award-winni
ng American Pop Rock Band with members: Adam Levine(frontman, lead vocals, rhythm guitar), James Valentine(lead guitar), Jesse Carmichael(keyboards, rhythm guitar), Mickey Madden(bass guitar) and Matt Flynn(drums). Being massively successful on their debut album that gave chart-toppers This Love, She will be loved, Sunday Morning and Hard to Breathe, Maroon 5 bagged numerous awards and recognitions, skyrocketing them to the music scene. 5 years in the making, the new set of songs were released on 2007 which was extremely appreciated over the airwaves, billboards and world wide web. The song Makes Me Wonder became the best-selling single and video on itunes. According to Adam Levine, the band's vocalist, it's a lot better than the first album with sexier and stronger music as it is inspired from the music of Prince, Michael Jackson and Talking Heads of the 80's.

The new album It Won't Be Soon Before Long comprises of 19 funky-classy cuts including 2 remixes If I Never See Your Face Again feat Rihanna and Wake Up Call feat Mary J. Blige. The kind of vibe it brings to your ears would make your ipod playlist set in a loop. I have found new favorite songs in the soultry, kinda old fashion sound of Back at Your Door and It's Better that We Break, which both tells honest feelings and direct interpretations of love and pain. I could imagine them being the musical score into the scenes on one of my fave series. Nothing Lasts Forever (a song about relationships that hardly would ever work out) and I Wont Go Home Without You that have been played all over the radio are perfect background while travelling the roads of Abu Dhabi or Fujairah in a dreary sunset. Fast tempoed and high-esteemed beat of Can't Stop and Makes Me Wonder that has an audacius sexual content would drag your left-feet to the right dance floor. And before I dose off at night, I would select the track Goodnight because of its relaxing, soothing mood, and that it gently drifts me off asleep. Anyway, it is just great that this album is worth additional to my CD collections and I recommend it to those folks with wide preferences in terms of music.

Here's a clip for you to check out...hope you get entertained...:)
Maroon 5 featuring Rihanna: "If I Never See Your Face Again"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Post#3 A Brutally Done Film

First and foremost....I wanna say "duh" for having been gone for a bit while from blogging. Friends might have been mising out and wondering my whereabouts. For some reason I had to shut down temporarily since the last post.There had been some crazy things going on lately that puts my brain down the drain. However, I had to admit that the last didn't go was pretty bad for a starter to express such rubbish post...Though I plead it wont happen again so that my mentor Arabian Josh would put a satisfied grin on his face.
I had a great time this weekend, enjoying every bit second of it after long days of office works and boredom. Part of it was my very first time in a cinema in U.A.E.. I just watched Dark Knight. I am not really a fan of Batman, though I had to say "that's one movie to be seen with popcorns stuffed in the mouth." I might have given 5 yawns in the beginning but I have given 9 stars rating at the end.

The Dark Knight (directed by Christopher Nolan) is the brutally done film sequel of Batman Begins which tells the story of Bruce Wayne who turns into a mysterious dark-suited phantom that lurks at night to sweep clean Gotham City's unwanted crimes. Now on its continuation, Dark Knight brings out
a different twist that introduces the important villains of all time: the Joker and Two-Face.
In favor of the latter, the story rolls out the plot of how Harvey Dent became a vengeful freak from a just-natured political icon of Gotham. Unlike the several Batman movies of the past, it gave a bold attempt to re-tell the story with a different level of intensity. Especially on its visual effects packed with excruciating gunfires, falling debris, deafening blastings, hardcore fight scenes, big chase, advance technology, badblood and dark atmosphere. Perfect ingredients to pull off a great action-packed superhero movie . Surely this is not for a faint heart.

The Dark Knight(Batman), shrouded by the torn notion between a hero and vigilante, is at quest of busting out the justice in the rising crime supremacy of The Joker(Heath Ledger), his ultimate arch-villain; along with the forces of Lieutenant James Gordon(Gary Oldman) and District Attorney Harvey Dent(Aaaron Eckhart). But soon enough they've figured themselves falling into Joker's plot that leads to the ill-fated death of Rachell Dawes(Maggie Gyllenhaal), who happens to be Harvey Dent's girlfriend. Hardly accepting reality, Harvey Dent woke up discovering a half-burned face caused by a massive explosion and later on was brainwashed by Joker. He sets out as Two-face on a vendetta, taking lives of people, deciding their fate upon flipping a coin.
Lucius Fox(Morgan Freeman) helps out Batman using his advanced technology in the battle against Joker and Two-face in which eventually reached the triumphant conclusion. Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), the Batman himself is devastated for the lost of his friends as he was also trapped in the fine line of being a hero and an outlaw. In spite of it, Batman remains in the stand of the common good.

On my personal note, The Dark Knight has achieved its greatest expectation not only that it has catapulted top grosser against the records of spiderman,titanic, etc. This is a movie that's worth watching for because it conveys a substantial context of a real superhero movie. Sometimes a true hero doesnt have to do good things just to save the world, perhaps what he aims for the greater good is only that matters. Anyway, I have to give it up for the actors who have equally done the job so well. Hats off to Christian Bale who reprises the role, I think he's fittest to slip into those black rubber suits. Superb acting for Heath Ledger as The Joker. I never knew it was Heath behind the character of the ultimate villain until I saw the credits. I couldn't agree more, since Brokeback Mountain, he really knows how to handle challenging roles. I like the important participation of Aaron Eckhart in the film as he was introduced as Two-Face (in the first 1-and-a-half hour of the movie i was figuring out what the hell was this guy doing there?). The special make-up must be hard for him...hahaha...Moving aside, the high-tech weapons were amazing. I could use one of those to get back at my boss for making me miserable(those blades that pops out the gauntlets). The Bat Pod was fantastic having two enormous wheels hitting the road. It's a lot better than the massive titanium chunk called Bat Mobile; it's the same ride he was in back at The Batman Begins. I didn't like it honestly, but Im pretty sure it would turn out handy in the next installment. There are so much yet to show in the movie, but the audience would mind waiting for it anyway. And until then, I'm just hovering around here to make it more interesting. How's that? Well..Yalah...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Post#2 - A Blogger's Block

I wanted to come up with something to write, but there's barely a thing pops up in the four corners of my empty head. Countless thoughts and ideas would flow in, and it seems nothing fits to brighten up my newly launched blogsite. I guess, I have to shrug it out and face the truth that Im having a blogger's block (which utterly struggles the excitement of my newfound hobby). What I mean is, I can't think and I can't put up a damn good thing for this post. It is too pointless to share this foolish angst, but on the other hand, some people could absolutely relate. And please raise a hand, let me know that Im not alone!
In my self-explanatory point of view, a blogger's block is a phenomena wherein a little lump checks-in a vacation into the human brain and decides it could be selfish by hindering the flow of creative signals everywhere in the brain. Sometimes a blogger would feel a sting of headache for trying so hard, squeezing juices of ideas. Once you have it, it resides for a while and makes you feel frustrated. So there's no way to evade it nor deny it. Even a special prescription is useless. However, it's not even a crime if in times mind block is testing you. I guess, you just have to take a little patience in a way you could achieve a light-bulb moment. And the latter means, FYI, the ting! interjection when a great idea rings in.
There must be some reasons for such occurrence, it could be numerous of things like stress in a job; Just like your boss wont stop hovering at you, sprinkling you the morning saliva of utter disappointment and annoyance since you cant be the best employee ever. And a freaking girlfriend because you realize the less time you spend with her, is the best times you would not hear her screaming into your ear you forgot again your important anniversary. Ahahaha..silly things...I told you there are too many things that trigger this phenomena and I know you folks can feel with me.
Well, as much as I wanted and hoped to pull off a way better post for today, I still came up with something despite of having a spot in my mind. I think, I still did a great job, didn't I?