Friday, October 16, 2009

The Happy Prayer

Dear God,

First of all, thank You very much for teaching me how to pray. I know for a fact that praying has not been a talent of mine until you build it up in me at the perfect time.
Thank You for the gift of wisdom that just now I realized I possessed. I have been wondering about it until now that I was able to share your words of truth to touch everyone's life.
Thank You for the talents I was born with. I know in some way I can make You proud for using my talent to express Your glory.
Lord God, thank you for shining the dark path I was walking on. I may have walked astray but still You tapped me and said "Son, look at the signs, don't go that way." And so I followed your footprints and I felt safer now.
Thank You because You brought friends to my empty island. Little by little, I have figured to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood amongst us.
Thank You Lord God for finally I have sought my profound faith in You. No longer, I am ashamed to mention Your Glorified Name and no longer will I deny that You are my God, my Father, my Parent and my Bread of Life.
Thank You because You love me unconditionally. Thank You because You don't make me feel jealous, insecure and lost, but You make me feel satisfied and blessed.
Thank You Lord God for I can't thank You enough, but in my own little prayer, I know I made You happy. Amen.

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